How to Find a Job During a Recession

Find a job During Recession

You may think it’s impossible to find a job during a recession–or at least a good one. Not so! By following these tips and focusing your job hunt where it will be most productive–you can find a good job regardless of the economy.


Focus on an industry. Obviously, some industries are doing better than others–and growing. Health care, education, government and food services are all great sectors to enter. So what happens if you’re in a field like public relations, where things are a bit more bleak? Focus your job hunt on public relations for an educational institution or a hospital. With a little creativity and flexibility you can slant your job hunt where it will be more well-received. Don’t dig those fields? Consider something temporary in any field that will hire right now–and remember, it doesn’t have to be a long-term thing. If you need a job, you can get one–it just may not be your dream job, but that’s OK for now.

Rebrand yourself. Jot down some of your best skills and areas in which you are best skilled. Think of a new slant to market yourself. For example, do you have a technical background, but a passion for all things creative? Consider blending the two. I have a degree in science, yet an aptitude for writing, so I market myself towards technical companies that may have personnel smarter at collecting data than reporting on it. Being that I know the industry, but focus on communications, I can pick up where their crews leave off–and that works for me. Figure out what slant works for you. And remember, you can have more than one slant if you’re looking at multiple jobs in various industries.

Try every avenue. Don’t rely solely on the want ads in your local paper. Expand your job search to include online job boards, head hunters and old connections. You’d be surprised how accomplished and optimistic you’ll feel about your job hunt knowing that you’re covering all avenues. Here’s where it’s useful to pull out old business cards or revisit your networking group–you never know when the connection you need will pop up.

Go out of your comfort zone. In these tough times, a job is a job. So if you can find a decent one that offers at least some of what you need, take it. Remember that no job is forever and you can always get something better when the economy rebounds–because it will. This is only temporary–and not every company is about to file for Chapter 11. In fact, many are weathering the storm just fine.


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